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Name:In the After
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In The After
Finally, a complete fan community dedicated to the wildly popoular couple Cristina Yang and Owen Hunt of Grey's Anatomy! Fans can come here for the latest in spoilers, interviews, photos and more! Join and post your fanfics, art, fan videos, icons, graphics and mixes. Make the hiatuses go by with fic battles, hiatus survival challenges and a special season of Grey's Anatomy brought to you by in_the_after's own fanfic team- a new episode every week to help make it through the summer hiatus!

in_the_after's members get access to special bonuses, such as screencaps, fanmixes and exclusive fanfiction. Join today!

General Rules

--Please be considerate of your other posters. We're allowed to disagree. Please don't be overlysensitive and use your common sense. Members who act as trolls, only here to anger others will be banned from the community immediately.
--When posting spoilers, please post them under a cut so as not to ruin them for those who do not want to spoiled. If you do not know how to post under a cut, please contact one of the moderators and we can help you.
--Feel free to post articles on the actors, links to their websites and previous works. We will try to keep an updated list on the profile as permitted.
--Have fun, post often and enjoy.

--If you're new to livejournal, we highly suggest reading our little guide to posting HERE. It gives some basic pointers on posting, html tags, and common courtesy that is expected here.

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Your Moderators

If you have any questions, please contact the moderators angelamermaid or far_to_nowhere.
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