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Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians, including the awesome Sandra Oh!

Sandra Oh
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The Hollywood Reporter has a very nice interview with Sandra about her exit. Highlights include she expresses Crowen love and explains a lot of the symbolism in the final Crowen scene.

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I know I posted this earlier, but it's too fabulous not to repost. Sandra Oh started off the evening with this:

During the Pacific Coast feed, Sandra Oh couldn't stop tweeting about Kevin and Owen.

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Kevin and Sandra are starting to do a lot of press about Owen and Cristina heading into Sandra's final episodes.

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“Two Against One” – The issues between Meredith and Cristina hit a boiling point when one of them ultimately betrays the other at the hospital. Derek tells Jackson that he needs to let go and allow the second year doctors to work on his patients, and April and Matthew make a bold decision about their relationship. Meanwhile, Bailey has difficulties with Ben’s return, on “Grey’s Anatomy,” THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 7 (9:00-10:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

“Two Against One” was written by Meg Marinis and directed by Kevin McKidd.
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Sandra Oh is nominated for Favorite Dramatic TV Actress in the People's Choice Awards - vote here.


Oct. 10th, 2013 08:38 pm
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Sneak peek of Sandra on Katie (full episode tomorrow) talking about Kevin.

And Kevin finally produced a photo of just him and Sandra.

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Not an April Fool's joke - Sandra Oh has really and truly joined Twitter. REALLY. I swear on the extended 5-19 scene that I'm not making this up. Read her tweets at https://twitter.com/IamSandraOh and hope that the crazies don't scare her off. :-)
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Sandra Oh joined Chandra Wilson and Justin Chambers in running the Mini Marathon to benefit CureMito on February 17, 2013. Chandra's daughter suffers from Cycling Vomiting Syndrome, which was written into a Grey's Anatomy episode in Season 9.



Kevin McKidd has worked with his fan club to raise more funds for Save the Children, by signing items that are now on eBay.


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Once again Sandra Oh and Chandra Wilson have been nominated as Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series, in the NAACP Awards. The winners will be revealed February 1.

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Kevin McKidd tweeted during the East and West Coast airings last night, he directed the episode. Sandra Oh News compiled all of his tweets about Sandra Oh, Cristina/Owen, and casting William Daniels as Dr Thomas. They also included a couple of tweets from Sarah Drew about working with Sandra.

Let's just say there was a lot of squeeing happening behind Twitter screens. :-)

You can read them all here: http://www.sandraohnews.com/2012/10/kevin-mckidd-tweets-about-sandra-oh.html
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The article is spoiler-free - she shares some thoughts on Cristina in general. http://www.edgemagonline.com/interview_sandra_oh.htm

Here's a snippet:
EDGE: You’ve talked in the past about going into the arts when your parents had hopes for a career in science or medicine. What is your advice on how parents should handle a child saying thanks for the education, but I really want to be in the arts?

SO: Good luck (laughs). I’d say you challenge them on why they want to go. I have a feeling, based on a lot of things going on in this society and pop culture, that the desire to be famous is pushing a lot of kids into either singing or wanting to be in the movies. That’s all fun and good; people come into this business for a bunch of reasons. But it’s so hard to be in the arts. I‘ve always said to people, “You are going to be miserable. Choose whether you’re going to be miserable doing it, or whether you’re going to be more miserable not doing it.” Try to reach out to see what the true motivation is for your child to leave everything behind to pursue the arts. If it’s real, there is nothing you can do to stop it. There was nothing my parents could do to stop it. So don’t challenge them on doing it, just ask Why? If the answer is To be famous, then they could be wasting their youth, their beauty...and chasing a big, empty ghost for a long time.
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OTTAWA—His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada, will present the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal to 30 recipients at the exhibit From Far and Wide – Honouring Great Canadians, on Monday, September 10, 2012, at 9:00 a.m., at 90 Wellington Street.

This commemorative medal is being presented throughout the year to 60 000 deserving Canadians to celebrate significant contributions and achievements, and to recognize those who, like Her Majesty The Queen, have dedicated themselves to service to their fellow citizens, their community and their country. The awarding of this national honour is done through governmental and non-governmental partner organizations.


Inducted into Canada’s Walk of Fame in 2011, Sandra Oh is best-known for her role as Cristina Yang on the hit television show “Grey’s Anatomy,” which earned her a Golden Globe Award and Emmy nominations.

The medal awarded to Ms. Oh will be received by her father, Mr. John Oh.

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To Sandra Oh and all of us lovely Canadians ... Happy Canada Day!

Sandra Oh


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