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That video doesn't seem to want to be embedded - try this link.

There is an Owen sneak peek here that I can't embed.
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Not embeddable, so go here for a sneak peek with Meredith, Cristina, and Derek, and another with Arizona not being grateful that she's alive and that raccoons didn't fight over her body. *

And here is a clip with Bailey, Richard, and Catherine.

This episode was directed by Kevin McKidd!

* So I hit a few nerves. :-) Of course the loss of a limb is hard. But from what I see, Arizona is being written as if she isn't a doctor who hasn't had to deal with the tough choices of amputation or death, and it's not a fun storyline to watch.
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Three sneak peeks are at http://www.tvline.com/2012/01/greys-anatomy-season-8-episode-10-video-preview/. The first is Owen/Cristina, the second is Cristina and Teddy, the third is Meredith and Alex.

Edited to add that there is another Cristina and Teddy sneak, with a bit of Owen, at http://www.sandraohnews.com/2012/01/greys-anatomy-810-suddenly-sneak-peeks.html.
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Quick link before work - four sneak peeks here!
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First a note for us Canadian fangirls - it looks like CTV Toronto is going to show the season finale at 7 pm ET, which is two hours earlier than normal. Check your local listings!

If CTV Toronto does show it early, then I will do the same as I did last year. I'll post a running recap with spoilers, and the regular episode discussion entry will be spoiler free.

[livejournal.com profile] shli1117 graciously posted the Cristina/Owen sneak peek, here are the others that have been released:

The major hospital plotline of the Season Finale (Chief, Owen, April, Cristina, others)

Other sneak peeks )
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Here's a sneak peek that is bound to keep you all talking till Thursday.

Under the cut as it contains spoilers )
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Owen/Callie/Mark/adorable baby Sofia



Chief/Teddy/Perkins/Henry clip and Alex/Lucy clip at source. The Chief is adorable!


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